Ever wonder what you can do…
… to really make a difference in the world?

We’re Changing The World For The Better… One Young Artist At A Time…
… And we could really use your help.

I’m Natalie Oliver-Atherton, and I’m the creative force behind The Namaste Works Arts Alliance.

Let me tell you a little story.

Close your eyes, and picture Julie Andrews, twirling and singing on the mountaintop. You remember… you’ve seen the movie… who hasn’t?

The hills are alive!

I was four years old when I saw that movie, and it filled me with inspiration and passion. How can I grow up to be a singer, and to see the whole big world while I’m at it?

Well, I’m blessed to be able to say I’ve done it. This American girl did grow up to be a professional singer and actress, and from small-town street performances to big-time feature film appearances, I’m happy to say I’ve seen the arts, I’ve seen the world, and I’ve seen the power of cross-cultural arts experience.

It changes your life.

Myths, Prejudices & Misperception

The Namaste Works Arts Alliance - Perspective

The myths we all learn – no matter where we grow up, who our parents are, or when we make our journey through this world – they form the basis for our frame of reference.  For the unique way each of us sees the world.  From the things we end up paying attention to, to the decisions we make that shape our lives.

And that frame of reference, based as it often is (at least in part) on scary, misunderstood pre-conceptions, can be hard to overcome.

But not impossible.

Love can do it.  Time can do it.  And, most of all, experiences can do it.

The Namaste Works Arts Alliance - Friends

When you’re blessed to have the kind of experiences I’ve had – singing and acting all over the world, meeting and working with people from all cultures and all walks of life – it changes you in a wonderful way by giving you a new frame of reference – a perspective on the world you might never otherwise have had.

That’s why I’m driven by a life long passion to “pay it forward” – to seek out talent in search of a vision – to identify young people (typically 16-30 years old) in groups large and small (and single individuals who might be looking for people who share their passion for the arts) – and to offer these life-changing experiences to them.

That’s what The Namaste Works Arts Alliance is all about.

We’re changing the world, one young artist at a time, and in doing so we’re creating a whole new generation of inspiration.

We have two decades of experience.  We know what experiences like the ones available through our programs can do to better the lives of young artists, because we’ve seen it, time and time again.

I’ve been privileged to be part of the wonderful work other arts organizations have done – in fact, you might say I was one of the “movers and shakers” of some of these programs, from successful fundraising, to teaching, to creating the vision that moved things forward for these young folks.

Those organizations focused on choral groups.  Through Namaste Works Arts Alliance, we’re hoping to open up these experiences to everyone with a passion for the arts, from singers and musicians to painters and poets.

I hope you’ll join us.

Whether it’s through your financial generosity, or your willingness to share your time and energy as part of our team of volunteers and leaders, we could sure use your help.

This Is The Moment… This Is The Next Generation Of World Inspiration

Help Us Change The World,
One Young Artist At A Time

What Your Support Will Provide For Young Artists

At The Namaste Works Arts Alliance, we find wonderful young people from all over the world, who’ve been drawn to the arts, and who are ready for the life-changing experiences we (and you) can provide.

We start by bringing groups of artists – singers, dancers, musicians, actors, poets, writers, painters, sculptors, you name it – to the United States to “cross-pollinate” their experiences with ours.  To learn, grow, and form bonds that will last a lifetime.

Those young folks return home with a new, positive, experience-driven frame of reference that defeats stereotypes, fears, and other sorts of misunderstandings that can lead to so many problems in our world.

Instead of perpetuating problems, these young artists become fountains of inspiration and rejuvenation for a world that, frankly, starves for these things.

Your generosity could hardly find a more worthy objective.

And, with twenty years of experience, the leadership team at Namaste Works Arts Alliance knows how to do the most good with the resources you generously contribute.  We stretch a dollar… we find a way… we make every donation count.

Do your heart a favor!  Get in touch with The Namaste Works Arts Alliance today… and help us make that change in the world.  The change we’ll all be proud of for the rest of our lives.

About Natalie Oliver-Atherton

Throughout a lifetime of dreaming and doing… of living and loving the arts, and appreciating what they can do to inspire the best in each of us… I’ve been incredibly blessed.

I want nothing more than to work hard to “pay it forward” to the next generation of arts-inspired citizens of the world… and we here at The Namaste Works Arts Alliance could sure use your help in doing just that.

I count my blessings as I look back through some of the key memories that have helped change my world (and my view of that world)…

  • The movie theater, when I was just a little girl of four… watching Julie Andrews spin and sing on the mountaintop in Sound of Music… telling my mom that was what I wanted my life to be like… a life in music, and in musical theater… and later, traveling to sing in Austria, and realizing I was doing it
  • My first public performance… also age four… singing Angels Watching Over Me…
  • Learning to “put it all together” and gaining visibility as a part of the Miss America program… and later, as I was crowned Miss New Hampshire 1981, realizing I was on my way…
  • Studying my craft at a top conservatory (Hartt College), and at a top jazz school (Berklee in Boston)… developing a desire for on-the-job training as a “chick singer”… and later, with my singing career opening new doors, landing my first on-camera commercial work, and off-Broadway theatrical work (in Little Shop of Horrors)… and realizing I was thriving…
  • Receiving an audience with Maya Angelou… being asked to open for her at Denver’s Pepsi Center…
  • Enduring five auditions for producer David Merrick and landing my first Broadway show (Oh, Kay!)…
  • Headlining at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas… Meeting Moonglows and Motown executive Harvey Fuqua there, and helping him create S.T.A.R.S. (Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls)…
  • And the quarter century of that fantastic experience… traveling… performing… making connections that transformed my world view and led to the vision for The Namaste Works Arts Alliance…
  • And realizing I was part of something very special… something that has the power to inspire young people on a deep level… something that has the ability to truly pay it forward.
The Namaste Works Arts Alliance - Natalie Oliver-Atherton

Yes, I’ve been blessed, and I’m incredibly grateful for the help I’ve had along the way, from everyone from the famous to the unsung-heroic.

And that’s why I’m driven with a fiery passion to be that help and inspiration for the next generation.

It’s an amazing journey.  And I’ll be grateful and honored if you decide to join me on the way!