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We’re Creating A New Generation Of World Inspiration

Namaste Works Arts Alliance is a non-profit, volunteer-driven arts organization with a mission to change the world – one young artist at a time.

We identify young artists (typically 16-30 years of age, in groups large and small, including individuals in search of connection). We bring those young people to the United States to “cross-pollinate” culturally, artistically, and personally, helping them form a new world view that’s informed by experience (not myth).

Our programs pour loving light on the unknown – opening doors, opening minds, opening the hearts of young artists who will lead and inspire the world (and every bit of the world) for years to come.

From singers and dancers… to actors and musicians… to painters and sculptors… to poets and writers… we work with every type of artist, from any country and from all walks of life.

And we could use your help.

Can you support The Namaste Works Arts Alliance with your time, your energy, or your precious resources?

We have decades of experience turning that support into life-changing moments for young artists from all over the world.

Get in touch today… let us answer your questions and help you decide if our programs are the right opportunity for you to create the legacy you want to leave for future generations.

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