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Natalie Oliver-Atherton

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The Namaste Works Arts Alliance is a volunteer-run, non-profit powerhouse on a mission: to change the world, one young artist at a time, by helping the world’s emerging artistic talent “cross-pollinate” – and to create a whole new generation of global inspiration!

We identify young artists from all over the world, expressing themselves in any artistic discipline (from onstage performance to visual artwork to the written word). 

Large groups… small groups… even single individuals we can help connect with others who share their passion… we create cultural and artistic exchange events that change their hearts, change their lives, and change their ability to inspire the world.

Fill out the form, and get in touch today!  Let’s start a meaningful dialogue.  And let’s start changing the world, together, one young artist at a time.

Here's What Will Happen When You Get In Touch

The Namaste Works Arts Alliance - Natalie Oliver-Atherton

I’m Natalie Oliver-Atherton, the founding leader of The Namaste Works Arts Alliance.  When you contact the Alliance, I’ll get back to you soon to exchange ideas on how your generosity can help fuel our world-changing mission.

We’ll find just the right way for you to leave a lasting and positive impression on the world through helping facilitate cross-cultural artistic exchanges for young people throughout the globe.

You might want to make a donation to help fuel our programs… or there might be other ways you could become involved.  For instance, we’re not geographically-bound… you might become a central point-of-contact for the programs of Namaste Works Arts Alliance in your area.

Maybe you can put us in touch with artists or artistic groups… or perhaps you can help us raise much-needed donations.

Whatever your inspiration… we’ll find it a great home here at The Namaste Works Arts Alliance.

I’m excited to get to know you… and to fill you in on all the latest inspiring developments here at the Alliance.

Let’s team up!