The Namaste Works Arts Alliance is on a zealous mission to change the world, one young adult performing artist at a time. We’re a non-profit, volunteer-powered organization dedicated to finding young adult performing talent from all nations and cultures, across the full range of the arts (singers, dancers and actors)… and to giving these young people incredible opportunities in expression, development, and growth… all while experiencing a culture outside their own.

We celebrate diversity and excellence.

Not only will we provide these young adult performing artists with a life-changing experience of the best of American culture… we will also “cross-pollinate” their cultures with our own, creating true Ambassadors For Humanity. Through our one-of-a-kind programs, we’ll put the excellence of world arts diversity on display for all to see – enabling all to be inspired to celebrate the gift of Life – and art in all its forms.

Help Us Change The World,
One Young Artist At A Time