At The Namaste Works Arts Alliance, we envision an inspiring celebration of the full meaning of the greeting “Namaste” – the recognition of the Divine delicious essence in ALL whereby all merge into the Light of One Being.  We see the beauty of this simple, powerful expression being acknowledged and amplified through cultural and artistic exchange… through programs that change the worldview of their participants, and therefore, change the world itself – one young artist at a time.

We’ve experienced the power of programs like these to deliver on these ambitious promises… and that experience fuels and further drives our vision.

We’re exploring the world, seeking out diverse young adult performing talent from all artistic disciplines (from singers, dancers and actors)… from every nation and culture… and from all walks of life.

When we find these beautiful young adult performing artists, in groups or individually, we’ll invite them to participate in experiences they will not likely otherwise enjoy, with support considerations for the associated expenses.  We’ll provide them with a true experience of the strength of American artistic and cultural uniqueness… and expose them to the best of American arts projects that support an altruistic, collective vision for the good of humanity.

Here’s what our annual fundraising efforts will mean to these young people:

  • Housing for visiting artists - (commercial/hotel and/or home stays)
  • Meals (through food stipends or provision by American host families)
  • Bookings for their artistic expression, whether through performing or visual arts, in appropriate venues throughout a given city, state, or region of the country
  • Transportation (to/from the airport, and to/from all arts venues and recreational/cultural events)
  • Enhanced presence and visibility for our programs achieved by creating, managing, maintaining, and disseminating our “web presence” to the world via the internet and social media.

Help Us Change The World,
One Young Artist At A Time